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Whether palletized goods, loose items, part or full loads, Van Lankveld Logistics BV is the specialist in transport to and from Spain, Portugal and France. Van Lankveld has daily departures to those countries. We can also handle ADR and express shipments.

Van Lankveld Logistics BV can offer 24-hour deliveries to Barcelona.
The operation in Barcelona, Van Lankveld Logistica SL, ensures perfect coordination with your business partners in Spain. They speak the language, understand the culture and can make sure that what you need is what happens.

Van Lankveld Logistics BV also operates daily to Portugal and France. Our flexibility and door-to-door deliveries guarantee the high quality of services to those countries.

Since the beginning of 2008, Van Lankveld Logistics BV has also made use of the train between Luxembourg and the Spanish border. We do that mainly to spare the environment as much as possible.

Our fleet is equipped with on-board computers, so Van Lankveld Logistics BV is always up-to-date on the status of your shipment. You are automatically given feedback on any problems or delays. On request, you get information automatically as soon as your shipment has been delivered or collected.

Professional drivers are both our and your calling cards!!

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